The Glamour of Lighting

Kasa Smart Light Strip, Multicolor  |  KL420L5

Kasa Smart Light Strip, Multicolor

Stunning Light Effects, Designed Your Way

16.4ft WiFi LED Strip Works with Alexa, Google Home, SmartThings, High Brightness with 50 Color Zones, RGBIC, PU Coating, Grouping, Adjustable Length, Up to 25,000 Hours


  • Multiple Color & Effects

    Control 50 separate color zones and bring vibrant joy to your life.

  • External Protection

    Easy maintenance and extended lifespan thanks to PU coating.

  • Flexible Installation

    Cut it to whatever length you want and attach it to any surface with the 3Madhesive.

  • Preset

    Found your favorite lighting for watching movies? Save it as a setting you can simply select for future movie nights.

  • Schedule & Timer

    Create schedules and count plans to turn on/off with the brightness/color you set.

Bright and Gorgeous Light

With our high-quality LED light leads, KL420L5 is much brighter and lasts longer, standing out from other common products.

Immerse Yourself with Dynamic Light Effects

Equipped with RGBIC, it enables you to have fun with controlling separate color zones and setting over 16 million* vibrant colors. The vivid hues will always go beyond your imagination.

*Each red, green, and blue color that makes up a pixel has a range of 0 to 255, so every color has 256 possible settings. 256×256×256=16.77 million possible colors.

Flexible, Tough and Clean

Enjoy the gentle glow and happy hues providing a soft transparent light. The flexible and water-resistant light strip ensures you can place it anywhere with easy redeployment. Our high-tech coating protects the LED beads and makes them easy to maintain.

50 Individual Addressable Color Zones

Your 16.4 ft (5m) light strip features 50 different color zones for combinations built to suit every mood.


Experience the Kasa Smart ecosystem. Combine your light strip with other Kasa Smart devices, such as plugs and cameras, for seamless control with a single tap on your mobile device.

Voice Control

Free up your hands by using voice commands with Alexa, Google Assistant, or SmartThings supported devices.

Smart App Control

Control your Kasa Smart light strips from anywhere with the highly-rated Kasa Smart app.

Manual Control

Use the included controller to handle your Kasa Smart light strip. Turn it on and off, reset it, or change its color all with one button.

Cut to Length, Stick in Place.

Your strip's flexibility to bend and cut allows you to stick it or place it in the exact spot you desire.

3M Peel-and-Stick Adhesive provides easy and flexible installation.

*Once it is cut, it cannot be reattached. You must remove from power before cutting to prevent accidental shock.

Easy Setup

1. Download the Kasa app

2. Plug-in and Connect to Wi-Fi

3. Enjoy!

Technical Specifications +

Package Contents
1 × Kasa Smart Light Strip (16.4 Ft /5m)
1 × Smart Light Strip Controller
1 × Power Adapter
1 × Quick Start Guide
Controller Weight

0.171 lb ( 77.7g )

Working Status

120 VAC 60 Hz

Input Power (actual Power Draw In Watts)

20.5 W Max


16.4 ft / 5 m (cut to size every 10 cm)


Up to 22.8 years (Based on 3hrs/day)

Dimmable Range

1%-100% (via app and cloud only)

Color Changing

Yes (via app and cloud only)

Network Requirements
Secured Home Wi-fi Connection Required
Kasa Smart App And Account
Wi-fi Protocol

IEEE 802.11b/g/n

Wi-fi Frequency


Light Strip Dimensions

196.85*0.39*0.12in (5000*10*3mm)

Controller Dimensions

3.39*1.57*0.748in (86*40*19mm)



Operating Temperature

-20 ºC~ 40 ºC (-4°F ~ 104°F )

Operating Humidity

10%~90%RH, Non-condensing

Suitable For Surface And Cabinet Mounting
Suitable For Dry And Damp Locations
Not For Emergency Lighting
Package with product

What's Included

  • 1 × Smart Light Strip (16.4 ft /5m)
  • 1 × Smart Light Strip Controller
  • 1 × Power Adapter
  • 1 × Quick Start Guide