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Get More out of Your Smart Plug and Alexa

Now that you’ve had a chance to enjoy your Kasa Smart plug and Alexa device, let’s pair them together and make your smart home experience even smarter. Follow these steps and you’ll be controlling your Kasa Smart devices with nothing but simple voice commands. 

1. Download the Kasa Smart App

Available in the App Store and Google Play

Step 1: Download the Kasa Smart app. Follow the instructions to connect your Kasa Smart plug.

2. Open your Alexa app

Select Skills & Games

updated image, alexa instruction

3. Search for TP-Link Kasa

Log in using your Kasa Smart account

updated image, alexa instruction

4. Alexa, discover devices

Use simple voice commands to control your Kasa Smart plug

Now ask Alexa to turn on your bedside lamp, dim your ceiling lights and cozy up with your favorite book without ever leaving your bed. The possibilities with Kasa Smart and Alexa are endless.